Need to brush up on your stillwater boating techniques? Before you head out for a day of fishing at the Big and Little Tree Lakes, the Rainier Lakes or another OFC stillwater location, read through these tactics to help make the most of your trip.

  • Distance. When you launch your vessel into open water, you’ll have to leave your inshore techniques behind. On the bank, shallow water is your friend – but on a boat, you want to position yourself at least 20 or 30 feet from shore. Since fish tend to congregate and feed in shallow areas, it’s critical you don’t scare them away by getting too close. As you maintain distance, you’ll have ample opportunity to cast into the shallow areas and snag plenty of bites.Camping-Trips-with-Private-Oregon-Fishing-Club
  • Noise. Fish in lakes and ponds are used to silence and stillness. When your boat comes splashing through the water or when you and your buddy are talking loudly, it might disturb the fish and cause them to vacate the area. Keep noise to a minimum and avoid any sudden, erratic movements.
  • Balance. If applicable, always anchor your boat. This will come in handy on windy days or if there’s more than one person onboard. It’ll allow you to remain steady, so you can lure in the perfect catch.
  • Casting. Start out by casting along the shore, and then slowly retreat into deeper waters. Avoid casting to the same spot repeatedly, instead making each successive cast 4 or 5 feet farther than the last. As you retrieve your lure, it will create somewhat of a fan shape, helping you cover as much water as possible.
  • Dominant hand. As you prepare to settle in, think about whether you’re right- or left-handed. You can use this to your advantage, just like any sport. If you’re right-handed, cast on the left side of the boat – and vice versa. That way, when you need to reel in, you can draw on the strength of your dominant side.

Oregon Fishing Club’s private fishing lakes and ponds are teeming with rainbow trout, bass, panfish, bluegill, steelhead and salmon. With these stillwater boating techniques in mind, you’ll be set for success on your next fly-fishing expedition in your pontoon or float tube fishing boat. For more information about fishing the private-access waters of OFC, contact us today.