To join, prospective members must first accompany an OFC representative on a property tour. Please contact the Club office to schedule a tour date:

Phone: (541) 967-8301
E-mail: ofc@ofc.org
Postal Mail: 3003 Seven Mile Lane, Albany OR 97322

Membership Initiation Fees & Dues
An initiation fee is required for all new members at the time of joining. Fees vary based on the length of membership; 3 year, 6 year, 10 year, and lifetime memberships are available.

Maintenance dues are $100 per quarter, and may increase annually in proportion to (but never exceed) the Cost of Living Index.

Initiation Fees:
Three Years: $550
Six Years: $850
Ten Years: $1,250
Lifetime (non-transferable): $2,150
Lifetime (transferable): $2,950

Maintenance Dues:
$100/quarter (every 3 months)

Financing and a “three month no interest option” are both available.

Note: OFC may change the terms and conditions of membership at any time without notice.